Hung Black African Twink Amateurs Barebacking

Rony, Jay and Andrew

Added: 2016-12-28

While Andrew and Rony give Jay a sensual oil massage, things quickly evolve into a black gay threesome. The guys enjoy watersports with their sex, and after a cock sucking exchange, they want to piss. Rony drenches the other two in his urine.┬áJay licks the drops of urine from their smooth bodies, and then soaks them again with his piss. When he smells and feels the warm pee on his smooth ebony body, Andrew becomes rampant, pinning Jay to the floor and thrusting his raw cock into his tight hole. Rony watches the bareback fucking, and strokes himself off. He cums on Andrew’s thrusting ass and rubs it into his butt cheeks with his sticky cock. The smell of spunk makes Andrew want to cum, and he strokes his cock, spilling his onto Rony’s slender legs. The guys finish by washing all the cum from their glistening black bodies with piss.